Signal Probe Pins Dialog Box

You open this dialog box by clickingTools > Signal Probe Pins. Allows you to add, delete, enable, and disable Signal Probe connections in the current design.

After compiling the design you can specify Signal Probe sources, registers, and clocks. To probe to a Signal Probe pin, you must perform a full compilation to generate an internal netlist containing a list of nodes.

The Signal Probe pins dialog box lists the pins available for use as Signal Probe Definition pins for the device specified for the current design, as well as other information about the pins if available. For example, the Signal Probe pins dialog box may also display the node name for each pin, the Signal Probe source name, whether Signal Probe routing is enabled, the Signal Probe status for each pin, and I/O standards.

To add a Signal Probe pin click Add to open the Add Signal Probe Pin dialog box.

Once you have added Signal Probe pins, you turn them on to enable or turn them off to disable Signal Probe routing for pins specified in the Signal Probe pins list. You can also use the Enable All or Disable All buttons.

Scripting Information


Settings: on | off

Note: The Signal Probe Pins dialog box is not available for advance support devices that do not have device pin-outs.
  • The Signal Probe pins list shows only specified Signal Probe pins, it does not show pins reserved for other purposes.
  • Performing a full compilation disables Signal Probe pins. To use Signal Probe pins after a full compilation, you must enable Signal Probe pins and then perform a Signal Probe compilation.