sld_virtual_jtag Megafunction


Virtual JTAG Interface (VJI) megafunction. This megafunction provides access to the PLD source through the JTAG interface. The Quartus II software or JTAG control host identifies each instance of this megafunction by a unique index. Each megafunction instance functions in a flow that resembles the JTAG operation of a device. The logic that uses this interface must maintain the continuity of the JTAG chain on behalf the PLD device when this instance becomes active. The sld_virtual_jtag megafunction is available for all Altera device families supported by the Quartus II software.

Altera recommends instantiating this function with the IP Catalog.


Note: When you create your megafunction, you can use the IP Catalog to generate a netlist for third-party synthesis tools.


ExpandAHDL Function Prototype (port name and order also apply to Verilog HDL):

ExpandSimulation Library:

ExpandVHDL Component Declaration:

ExpandVHDL LIBRARY-USE Declaration:

ExpandInput Ports:

ExpandOutput Ports:


For more information about the Virtual JTAG Megafunction, refer to the Altera Training page of the Altera website.


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