Merging LogicLock® Plus Regions

To merge two or more LogicLock® Plus regions, perform the following steps:
  1. Ensure that the regions comply with the assignment and naming rules:
    • At most one region can have logic assignments. To remove assignments in a LogicLock® Plus region, delete the name field in the LogicLock® Plus Regions Window.
    • No more than one region can have a name.
  2. Arrange the regions into the locations where you want the resultant region.
  3. Select all the individual regions that you want to merge by clicking each of them while pressing the Shift key.
  4. Right-click the title bar of any of the selected LogicLock® Plus regions and select LogicLock® Plus Regions > Merge LogicLock® Plus Region. The individual regions that you select merge to create a single new region.
    If you select multiple named regions, the Merge LogicLock® Plus Region option is deactivated.
Note: By default, the new LogicLock® Plus region has the same name as the component region containing the greatest number of resources; however, you can rename the new region. In the LogicLock® Plus Regions Window, the new region is shown as having a Custom Shape.

Figure: Using the Merge LogicLock® Plus Region command