Compilation Dashboard

The Compilation Dashboard provides direct access to Compiler controls, settings, and reports, and timing analysis.

The Compilation Dashboard appears by default when you open a project in the Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software. To open the Compilation Dashboard manually, click Compilation Dashboard in the Tasks window.

Before running the Compiler, click the settings icon in the Compilation Dashboard to spcify settings for the stage. Run all modules of the Compiler in sequence with the single Start > Start Compilation command (full compilation), or iterate through individual Compiler modules until results at each stage meet your requirements (incremental optimization). Alternatively, use the Compilation Dashboard to run the Early Place, Implement, or Finalize compilation flows.

After running one or more of the Compiler stages, the results of that stage preserve in a snapshot. Click the TimeQuest icon to analyze the preliminary timing for this snapshot, even while another Compiler stage is running. Click the adjacent report icon in the Compilation Dashboard to view stage details.

Optionally enable the PowerPlay Power Analysis or Assembler to run those modules by default during full compilation. For Stratix® 10 devices only, optionally enable Fast-Forward Timing Recommendations to automatically analyze your design and provide recommendations for adjustments that remove performance bottlenecks. Click the adjacent settings icon to fine tune the design analysis.

Figure: Compilation Dashboard