Quartus II Support for VHDL 2008


The Quartus II software contains support for VHDL 2008 with the following constructs defined in the IEEE Std 1076-2008 version of the IEEE Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual:


·  Section 5.3.2—Unconstrained elements in arrays

·  Section 9.2.3—Matching equality/inequality operators

·  Section 9.2.9—Condition operator

·  Section 10.9—Matching case statement

·  Section 11.3—Simplified sensitivity lists

·  Section 11.8—Extensions to the generate statement (elsif and else constructs in if generate statements and support for case generate statements)

·  Section 15.8—Enhanced Bit-string literals

·  Section 15.9—Block comments


The Quartus II software provides a library of HDL design templates, including VHDL 2008 constructs, that you can access through the Insert Template dialog box.


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